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…aka my cellar…

I have never been this excited to receive a piece of home appliance in my life. Got this thing for a bargain and it arrived in 3 days. Just in time to receive the mass influx of beer I am getting through trades. I have to tell you, it doesn’t take a lot to get me excited these days.

  1. smkida said: Where did you find this? My boyfriend’s “cellar” is composed of crates and cardboard boxes in his closet… This would be an awesome birthday gift!
  2. brewgiehowser said: I’ve been looking at rockstar / monster energy drink fridges on craigslist. I figure one of those might hold some beer nicely
  3. yeeitsjc said: Cool what’s the brand?
  4. benredux said: Nice sir! Does it have a compressor or a Peltier cooler? Also, nice call on the Fred and Adam. If you snag a Blue Dot try and drink it as soon as you can. It’s best fresh.
  5. 80proofbloodstream said: So jealous! We have been waiting for September when everyone is heading to college and stores sell mini fridges cheap….
  6. grantdrinksbeernow said: Envious! Where did you get it?
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