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I Close My Eyes…Only For A Moment And The Beer Is Gone

- Zombie Dust…In The Wind -

Name: Zombie Dust, American Pale Ale, 6.4% ABV

Brewery: Three Floyds, Indiana

Verdict: World Class / 98

Ugh, what a love/hate relationship this whole trading game is. Amazing world-class brews at the tips of my fingers at the expense of numerous dollars of American currency. But, in the long run, this beer in my hands is something I wouldn’t trade for the world. It’s what being a BA is all about.

Release The Crackin!

The aroma is ALL Citra…and what a coincidence, it is the only hops used in the brewing of this beer. HUGE citrus notes coupled with strong hop resin and a faint malt backbone make this a beer that is worthy of my taste buds. It honestly doesn’t do anything wrong and makes me happy I traded away beers for it. Candied orange, freshly muddled limes with a twinge of mint and grapefruit rind make it addictive for my nose. I just can’t stop smelling it.

The flavor is on par with the aroma. The malts are sitting on the stoop watching the cool kids play and have fun: they are there but not really in the equation in terms of social concoctions. Hops bite the sides of the tongue first with a subtle citric sweetness sliding along the surface of my palate when all is said and done. Pine resin of course is there in a cliche sense at this point but it couples nicely with the sweet, faint malts.

Jesus Christ this is an amazing beer. Forget wine, he should have turned water into this (I know this is a little sacrilegious and expect to see my follower numbers dwindle a bit, lol). Absolutely delicious with everything falling into place at just the right time. I said it on Beer Advocate and I’ll say it again after having 3; the finish could be a little longer. It’s long enough (that’s what she said) but it could linger just a bit longer. This of course is all positive in that I want to taste this beer for as long as I can. If you have the opportunity to have this beer, I suggest going for a case. You will blow through it in no time flat.


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