Monkey Town Brewing Co.

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Ok, so seeing as how this brewery is walking distance from my house, I had to do a review about it and how awesome it is. Entitled Greenport Harbor Brewing Co, this brewery gives eastern Long Island a breath of fresh hope in terms of the craft beer world. Having just purchased a bigger facility, bottling is definitely in the horizon for this brewery and it has my support rested upon my shoulders. Only offering growlers, GHBC is my favorite for a quick acquisition of craft beer.

After having lunch which incorporated sushi and sashimi, I was ready to go with some brews. Greenport Harbor has a few strong points, which happen to be IPA / PA and American-style Porters. Their Harbor Ale, pictured above, is an American style Pale Ale with a 40% wheat malt bill, giving a nice toasty, bready-nessto the beer. It’s a great session-able beer in my opinion (but my tolerance is higher than the normal person.)

Next, we have my favorite beer by them, which is the Black Duck Porter, an English porter with a great roasted malt body, dry hop bitterness as well as roasted coffee finish. Such a sessionable beer it’s crazy.

This brewery is on the rise. Expansion, addition and vocalization have made this brewery a must in my eyes for things to do on the east end. Great sessionable beers, growlers to fill up as well as a fantastic brand name to promote, the pros vastly outway the cons.


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